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I love creating patterns, and in my head absolutely everything works out great...but...sometimes between the creating, the making and the pattern writing there are a few lapses. First and foremost, my apologies. I try and have some wonderful friends who edit for me but sometimes my pictures are better than the writing and there are discrepancies. I created this page to help in those situation. Prior to creating this page I have edited and fixed any previous errors reported or found so they might not show here. If you find an error and would like clarification, please feel free to contact me and I will get right back to you and I will add those corrections sheets to this web page.

To find corrections pages:

Find the pattern in question below and click on the picture link. This will take you to the actual product page where you will find this button above the price....

Click on the button and it will open a PDF file in a new tab. Print and add to your pattern for safe keeping.

Thank you and Happy Quilting,
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StarBurst StarBurst

A beautiful radiating star with colors to infinity .

Price: $20.00